"Alone I cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." - Mother Teresa

Lulis Camarena


“Imagina México is my dream come true, it has been my passion since I founded it in 1995.  Imagina has grown beyond my wildest expectations. Since its inception, Imagina has focused on underprivileged children and youth.  I am a witness of the impact that Imagina has had on them, their families and their community. We have opened avenues to the arts, science and culture and nurture their self-confidence and self-worth.  

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Alejandro Jaramillo


“I have known of Imagina and of the Camarenas for a few years and I have seen the passion that its founder and President puts to its cause.I feel I still have a lot more to learn about what Imagina foundation does.  However, knowing what I already know, and knowing the difficult moments the Mexican society is going through it gives me great joy to make even a small contribution to making the lives of young boys and girls and their families a little better.”

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Christopher A. Noe, MBA, Ph.D.


“I imagine a magical place in a small city in Mexico that is helping re-write a community and its story. This place is real and changes children’s lives. As a child, we do not always know our future paths in career or life, but to be introduced and exposed to opportunities in the arts and music allows the mind to be transformed to truly imagine all that’s possible. It is my honor to serve as a board member for the Imagina Children’s Foundation to help more children dream big dreams!”

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Tanaka Mutiti Adam


“Hearing and seeing the passion founder Lulis Camarena has for this foundation inspires me to become creative and thoughtful in supporting a cause from afar. The organization brings the children who we are supporting in education and arts into our community in such an innovative way. Being involved with Imagina Children’s Foundation is an honor and I hope my contribution brings more awareness to the goals and missions. It also helps that the founder is an amazing person with a great heart, who I consider my friend. “

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Andrea Massetta, MBA


“In life things come and go; however, no one can ever take away what you have in your heart and in your mind. In other words, the sense of feeling loved, being safe, and believing that you make your own destiny. The latter comes along with the power of having an education. Imagina’s mission is inline with my belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to have an education and grow in a safe welcoming environment. As such, I feel through Imagina, I have the opportunity to make a true contribution and a difference to those in need.”

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Herman Camarena


“I have to say I didn’t had a choice. Being married to Lulis Camarena is to love her and to love her amazing vision and leadership in Imagina. The project sells by itself and once you get in close contact with It and the wonderful people that it attracts there is no going back. I’ve worked in different capacities since the inception of the project and seeing the growth and the results from 1995 to today is unbelievable. I’m extremely lucky to be part of this organization.”

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Sylvia Martinez


“I believe education is the way to instill self-worth in children. Doing so through culture, science and arts provides them with a lifelong tool kit of experiences and discipline, vital learnings for them to pursue their dreams. After retiring from my corporate job I was searching how to give back to the community. Alejandro passionately talked to me about Imagina’s mission and it just clicked with what I was looking for. Today, as I learn more from Lulis and this great team of committed individuals, its impossible not to become passionate as well, and work to expand our impact. Thank you for the opportunity of being a member of the Board of ICF. ”

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