José Luis Ruiz


“My wife Marisol has always said. There is nothing more worthy than protecting the children’s souls. I was born in Mexico and have seen firsthand the tremendous impact that Imagina has had on the children and their community,

Imagine empowering children and families to be confident, creative, and compassionate, that is precisely what Imagina is all about.”

More about Jose Luis

Jose Luis Ruiz is passionate about Financial Wellness and he believes that through education, encouragement, and the right tools, any person can achieve success.

Most recently Jose Luis Ruiz was part of InvestCloud, a tech platform supporting Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors and Asset Managers in the US.

Responsible for the Consumer Retail business strategy and P&L in Citi Colombia from 2017 to 2021

During 2017 Jose Luis participated in a Global Team to digitally redesign the wealth management advisory process.

Between 2015 and 2016, Jose Luis was the Retail Banking head for Citi Argentina, servicing 500 thousand customers through a network of 70 branches, 1,100 professionals, and US$ 139M in annual revenue.

In his previous roles Jose Luis was responsible for all physical touch points (Branches, ATMs), and the digital adoption in Latin America.

Jose Luis was the Retail Lending & Distribution Head for Central America and Andean Region.

Prior to that, He managed the Banamex branch network in Queretaro, Mexico and was part of Citi’s management integration team for Banamex and Banca Confia acquisitions.

Jose Luis spent the last 25 years with Citibank in several positions across Mexico, Chile,  Colombia, Argentina and the Latin America region.

He holds a Master in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico.

Jose Luis is married to Marisol, and they have two children, Jimena and Jose Luis.