The Imagina Cultural and Ecological Center provides a safe space for classes, rehearsals and performances for all our current programs. Since it inauguration in 2010, hundreds of students have utilized the space to learn, play and perform. The center also hosts guest performers, giving the local community free access to cultural and artistic events for the whole family. Over the years, the center has also been home to artisan markets and traditional celebrations. In 2017, with help from our supporters in Florida, Imagina Children’s Foundation funded the creation and equipping of the Robotics Lab.

Designed by renowned architects Peter Van Lengen and Gernot Minke, and built by José Antonio and Ana María Orozco, the Cultural and Ecological Center was created using eco-friendly elements including: recycled materials, green roofs, energy and water saving techniques as well as the reforestation of local species. Building the center became a community project, and it contributed to the reconstruction of the social fabric of the community by generating employment and creating a sense of investment from the local population in the project. A factory was created for the production of adobe, which was used for the project, and workers were trained in the ecological techniques required to work with the material. Even after the project was completed, the workers were left with enough knowledge to allow them to find greater opportunities in the field of sustainable construction.

For the first time in the region, there was a project consisting of entirely eco friendly techniques: green ceilings, usage of adobe and concave beams, renewable energy, bio-acclimatization, agro-ecology and ecological draining. Our mission was not only to create a safe, practical space for our programs but also a true community project that would lessen environmental impact.