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The Imagina Cultural and Ecological Center provides a space for classes, rehearsals, and performances held by the Children and Youth Symphonic Orchestras, since its inception in 2010, they have performed on several local, national and international stages. Imagina now offers more activities involving other diverse educational and cultural institutions as well as the general public, in order to assist with the process of training and community service. Thanks to Imagina’s newest building we host a program for artistic performances in the Auditorio de Música, realized by students of the artistic workshops and by guests and cultural groups in the area.

The Center serves in helping youth become more environmentally aware and introduces them to the world of the arts, culture, and ecology by offering more tools for personal development and transformation for the community. The main reason Imagina created this amazing center was to give a home to the growing programs of the Orchestras and Choir.  They now have their private rooms to practice in and large spaces for the whole orchestra to practice and perform  instead of outside where previous practices were held. The center is also designed to centralize artistic workshops and house the Choirs and Symphonic Orchestra in one place for their rehearsals.

The Center also houses the Robotics Lab that was equipped by Imagina Children’s Foundation thanks to our supporters in Florida.


Our Facilities

Upholding a socio-environmental character and a cultural and educational nature, this center was conceived to contribute to the reconstruction of the social fabric of the community, by means of the generation of employments, which gives priority to the inhabitants of the zone. A factory was created for the production of adobe, which was used for the project.  We trained the workers in the ecological techniques required to work with adobe that once was a native material of the region with amazing sound and thermic characteristics. The knowledge they would gain would also allow them to find greater opportunities in the field of sustainable construction.  Once the project is completed, the adobe factory will be made available for the community to build their own dwellings.


The construction took place under the supervision of various engineers and architects of the locality. It was advised by the architectural firm TIBÁROSE Brazil, as well as by various experts in the field of “eco-techniques” which have been applied in different areas of living for the best utilization of natural resources. With the vast amount of experience and through the help of the local workforce, we achieved a construction that works in harmony with nature.

Designed by renowned architects Peter Van Lengen and Gernot Minke and build by José Antonio and Ana María Orozco, the center was constructed with the labor of members of the community using eco-friendly elements including: recycled materials, green roofs, energy and water saving techniques and reforestation of local species.

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What has distinguished this project from all others of its kind is that apart from contributing to the reconstruction of the social fabric of this community, for the first time, all of the applicable “eco-techniques” were combined into one entire constructive model: green ceilings, construction development (adobe and concave beams), renewable energy, bio-acclimatization, agro-ecology, and ecological drainage, with which we diminish the environmental impact. We are sure that this model will be replicated in several places in the city and throughout the country.

With the launch of this project, we integrated more people from the community into the labor market, generated employment that favored their families similarly and at the same time stimulated a sense of belonging, contributed to the transformation of the architecture of the landscape, and qualified employees in techniques of bio-construction so that at the end of the construction they could count on more job opportunities in the area of ecological construction.



Ecology Awareness Programs

``The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.`` -Barry Commoner

Permaculture Workshops

``We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.`` -Native American Proverb

Symphonic Orchestras

``Music is the universal language of mankind.`` -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Choir & Artistic Workshops

``Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart, makes it whole and flows from heaven to the soul.``

Robotics & Technology

``Technology can become the 'wings' that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before-if we will allow it.`` -Jenny Arledge

Culture & Art Workshops & Expositions

``Art speaks where words are unable to explain.``


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