Recycle with Imagina

Imagina is incredibly invested in caring for our environment, as evidenced by our ecological cultural center. With our “Recycle with Imagina” program, everyone is encouraged to bring in any kind of paper (including school notebooks, magazines, and other bound periodicals) to be recycled. The recycling plant will then weigh all recycled products and gift monies to Imagina to fund our community programs. Not only will this recycling program help support Imagina’s programs, it will also incentivize members of the community to help dispose of unwanted products without damaging their environment. 

Bioconstruction Workshop

Renowned architect, Alejandra Caballero, led a bioconstruction workshop for those interested in permaculture design, ecological construction and sustainable construction techniques. Our Cultural and Ecological Center is one of Mexico’s largest adobe constructions, as well as one of the most unique sustainable constructions in Latin America. Having our building be studied and recognized as a great example of bioconstruction has brought great pride to the community which was heavily involved in the construction process. 

Mexican Patriotic Month Festivities

More than 700 people attended festivities to celebrate Mexican culture at our Cultural and Ecological Center in Leon. Our Symphonic Orchestra opened the festivities, playing traditional Mexican pieces alongside our choir. Following the performance, attendees were treated to traditional Mexican cuisine, while a performance by a Mariachi group continued the festivities. Originally Imagina estimated only 300 people would attend; having more than 700 members of the community actively participate in these festivities shows how great the impact of our project is in the area. 

Symphonic Orchestra and Youth Choir Concert

200 orchestra and choir students performed at the renowned Bicentennial Theatre; the students once again demonstrated their talent and dedication during a celebration of composers such as Francisco Gabilondo Soler, also known as Cri-Cri, Emilio Lome and Carlos Rivarola. 

Mexico Shimbun

Mexico Shimbun is an organization dedicated to uniting and celebrating the Japanese community in León, Guanajuato. With support from the Cultural and Ecological Center, this organization offered a workshop for Japanese mothers to learn more about uses and properties of herbal plants, and how they complement medicinal and aromatic plants that are found in the center.