Inspired by Venezuela’s “Tocar y Luchar” orchestra, Lourdes Arena de Orozco worked with Imagina to develop and create our children’s symphonic orchestra. The students involved in the orchestra have individual practices for three hours a day, every week day; the complete orchestra rehearses for three hours during the weekend. With so much hands on training, the students’ musical abilities flourish and their opportunities grow.

Endorsed by CONACULTA, the orchestra started in 2009 with 70 children and adolescents. In 2013 the program was then incorporated into the Programa Nacional Música en Armonía del Sistema de Fomento Musical, and is now the leading orchestra of the Sistema Comunitario Musical del Bajío.

Over the course of a decade, Imagina’s orchestra program has grown; now there are 200 students in two separate orchestras, and a choir of around 40 students ranging from 6 to 19 years old. In the beginning, they practiced in a patio where they could barely fit, but their dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism was always a sight to behold. Some children even had their individual lessons out on the street, because there simply was not enough room to accommodate them all. Now, they have a permanent home in the Cultural and Ecological Center at Imagina Mexico.

In 2015, 30 students were selected to travel to Texas and Florida and performed 6 concerts. Another group of children were selected to perform in Florida once again in 2017, and as the years go by the entire orchestra has performed more than 100 concerts a year in Mexico. Many of our students have been selected by elite nationwide orchestras to continue their musical journey, while others have received college scholarships and have been able to pursue higher education.


Talent in Action

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