Alejandro Jaramillo


President Latin América
The ReMark Group.

Alejandro Jaramillo is President for ReMark Latin America.  ReMark is a marketing consultancy company specialized in the distribution of insurance products through alliances with large banking groups.  ReMark is part of the Scor Reinsurance Group of companies with headquarters in Paris and Amsterdam.

Jaramillo started ReMark’s Latin American operation in 2003 doing business in Mexico and has led ReMark’s expansion into several markets around the region such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. 

For years he has had very close contact with the Mexican market, is frequently in the country, appreciates and loves the Mexican culture and feels very at home in the country.

Before joining ReMark Jaramillo worked with Cigna and AIG and lived in Mexico and Chile.  He currently lives near Miami, travels frequently around the region, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences; is married and has three children

Why Imagina?

I have known of Imagina and of the Camarenas for a few years and I have seen the passion that its founder and President puts to its cause.

I feel I still have a lot more to learn about what Imagina foundation does.  However, knowing what I already know, and knowing the difficult moments the Mexican society is going through it gives me great joy to make even a small contribution to making the lives of young boys and girls and their families a little better.