16 Sep
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Dreams Came True Today

Today was a no ordinary day.
For everyone at Imagina Children’s Foundation, it was a day to remember for many years to come. We witnessed a shared dream: The new Imagina’s Cultural and Ecological Center had its Grand Opening. This building is the material representation of the will, courage, and vision of an international community that strongly believes in culture, arts, and ecology as the means to transform the reality of thousands of lives in Mexico. With a packed auditorium, we witnessed the power of music in our children and the incredible solidarity and consciousness that we have built with you, and all the people that believe that Every child deserves the right to access a different quality of opportunities. We could not be more grateful to our tireless team, our supporters, volunteers, sponsors and most importantly to all the families and children that are willing to let us in their hearts and minds to work shoulder to shoulder building a future that we all desire. A future full of love, hope and courage.

Today we celebrate another goal for Imagina Children’s Foundation, tomorrow we will continue to work relentlessly to create better futures for our children.
Today more than ever we know it is worth it.
Today, more than ever we know that with your help we can do it together. Today we know that every child that played in the orchestra had a smile in his o her face that will be remembered for life.
Today, we thank you, because without each one of you, this dream, would be just that, a dream.
Today, dreams happened in front of our eyes.
Today is no ordinary day.

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