16 Sep
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Harmony Without Borders Starts

Arrival of the Orchestras:

Italy has arrived !! Welcome Pequeñas Huellas!


Then we welcomed Imagina Symphonic Orchestra at the Miami airport.



All the young musicians were very excited to continue in Florida after their huge success in Texas.


We took them for lunch to Divieto, where the hosts Sebastian and Alfredo sponsored a delicious meal.


Some of the children were eager to see the ocean for the first time, so that was our next stop! We were lucky enough to have two whole hours of sunshine in the middle of this rainy weather.


It was time for the three orchestras, Imagina, Pequeñas Huellas and Simanof to meet and practice together. The three musical directors had the opportunity to rehearse with them. Everybody worked hard making music together. 
After rehearsal we all enjoyed a delicious meal and to finish off the day we had a gift from Valerie, sweet cupcakes. It was an excellent day of friendship and music!