Ricardo Villalobos


Ricardo Villalobos is a software veteran with over 25 years of experience working with companies worldwide in multiple industries, including supply chain management, manufacturing, digital media, telecommunications and education. His profile is a combination of technical and business skills, focused on strategic direction based on agile productivity principles, as well as building highly performant teams. He currently acts as the Senior Director for the cloud marketplace operations at Microsoft, located in the city of Redmond, WA, USA. In addition to the functions related to his job, Ricardo is a fervent diversity and inclusion advocate, supporting different causes that invest time and effort in promoting equal access to education opportunities and dignified jobs, particularly for Hispanic groups. 


In his spare time, Ricardo enjoys road cycling around the world, writing and giving presentations on technology and self-improvement topics, as well as taking pictures of outdoor landscapes and faraway galaxies.  

Why Imagina?

For many years, I looked for a partner institution that would help me bring my diversity and inclusion efforts to the city and communities where I grew up in Mexico. It was important for me to find programs that were based on self-sufficiency, continuous improvement through education, as well as the implementation of technology as an agent of change, but always considering human dignity as the main pillar. Imagina Children’s foundation and its mission are perfectly aligned with these criteria, and it has been a privilege to support their efforts during the last two years, amplifying their impact through corporate programs in the USA, particularly from Microsoft, my current employer. In addition to supporting Imagina’s initiatives, one of my long term objectives is to find ways to bring their model to other communities in the region, and eventually to the rest of Mexico.