Andrea Massetta, MBA


Andrea has over 20 years of experience with a focus in marketing and operations management. After completing her MBA at the University of Miami, Andrea held senior positions in Customer Service, Business Development, IT, Operations and Marketing. She has worked in various industries for billion-dollar corporations and start-up entities. Her expertise is built around working with clients and partners in North and Latin-America, as well as Europe, and Asia. Furthermore, she is multilingual (native: English and Spanish, proficient: French and Italian). She values diversity, intercultural differences and embraces challenges by turning them into opportunities.

Along with her strong corporate marketing background, Andrea is passionate about the philanthropic and charitable sectors. Besides serving on nonprofit boards, she is helping organizations by guiding their communications around branding, campaigns, offerings, business development, fundraising and digital transformation.

Andrea earned her BBA in Management from Stetson University and her MBA in International Business from the University of Miami.